924 ft2



因應住辦合一的機能概念,艾迪空間設計在原本開放式的空間中,入口用木格柵作屏風,分間場域同時保留空氣流動性,加設中島櫃整合餐廳,增大廚房使用機能,納入長向尺度的公共空間裡,依舊能享有一般住家的生活機能。另一邊以鞋櫃劃分出一個半開放空間, 屋主或朋友可以在內分享設計或閱讀空間, 淨化身心。考慮到屋主從事設計行業需要思考的空間較多,故位於客廳後方的辦公空間採用全高樓底規劃,因為樓高3米多的優越條件,睡眠區則設計在客廳上方構建了一平台,沿着訂造的梯級櫃往上移就是卧室,設計師在半閣周邊以麻繩築起一道有穿透感護欄,更感安全感與隱私性。

The expression of home
A modern residence that combines residence and office

The clean and neat interior of the white base, combined with plywood, artificial stone and wooden countertops, embellishes the space appearance of modern fashion and nature. This is the living and office space for designers engaged in the design industry. Since there are usually visitors, the intervals are reserved. Semi-open design and configuration, divide the field with system custom furniture, and plan in a way of integrating housing and office.

In response to the functional concept of the integration of living and office, Aidi space is designed in the original open space, the entrance uses a wooden grille as a screen, divides the field while retaining air flow, and adds an island cabinet to integrate the dining room to increase the function of the kitchen. , into the long-scale public space, can still enjoy the life functions of ordinary homes. The other side is divided into a semi-open space with a shoe cabinet, where the homeowner or friends can share the design or reading space to purify the body and mind. Considering that the homeowner needs to think about more space in the design industry, the office space behind the living room adopts a full-height floor plan. Because of the superior condition of the building height of more than 3 meters, the sleeping area is designed to build a platform above the living room. The custom-made step cabinet is moved up to the bedroom. The designer built a penetrating guardrail with hemp rope around the half pavilion, which gives a sense of security and privacy.

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