Pier coffee

380 ft2

Pier Coffee which located in the corner of Taipa Village entrusted IDEAL DESIGN to transform a small shop to a breath of fresh air industrial style coffee shop.

To echoes environmental friendly as the core corporate philosophy, our Design Director – Hero Chu, regress natural simple features by retaining the existing structure and not using excessive packaging and materials. With lots of wood patterns and white tones to create a refreshing and clean mood. As you walk in, you can feel the summer breeze.

The floor is made of cement. Minimalist space is the main concept of the shop. Through the entrance signage and no superfluous decoration, announcing the core values of the company in a humorous way. The staggered grid in the coffee display area creates a transparent and faint sense of space. In the whole piece of the wood element, conspicuous green brick wall with wood grain wallpaper, as if it is a large tree blooming with greenery vitality. Behind the bar area, a three-dimensional wall panel is used to create a space for brewing coffee. Every corner hides the stunning ideas of the designer and has a more versatile and complete space.


呼應以環保為核心的企業理念,艾迪空間設計團隊總監Hero Chu,在保留原有的店舖結構下,不使用過多包裝及建材,回歸自然簡單的面貌,以大量木作線條及白色系,構築出清新無垢的涼風感。一走進來,就有一種夏日微風清拂的好心情。


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